ST24 RICE and ST25 RICE which is better?

Which ST24 rice and ST25 rice is better is a question that many people debate. Both are in the top 3 of the best rice in the world, but consumers still want to know which one tastes better. Especially for many people who have not enjoyed these two types of rice, are looking to learn to make a choice.

St24 St25vn

I. Learn about two types of rice ST24 and ST25

1. ST24 rice or ST25 rice, which rice will win the world’s best rice award in 2019?

According to engineer Ho Quang Cua – the “father” of the ST rice variety, at the World’s Best Rice 2019 competition (World’s Best Rice 2019), held in Manila (Philippines), both ST24 and ST25 rice were The judges scored the same score, making the judges a little confused, so right in the morning of November 12 (Vietnam time) the jury announced ST24 rice as the best rice in the world in 2019.

Gs. Ho Quang Cua
However, on the evening of November 12, for some reason, the jury decided to change to choose ST25 rice as the best rice variety in 2019. Thus, both ST24 and ST25 varieties were evaluated as the best rice. world 2019.

2. What is the difference between ST24 and ST25 rice?

Both of these types of rice are considered to be in the top class in the Vietnamese rice market. ST24 and ST25 rice are both long grain standards, clear white, no white belly, when cooked, the rice is fragrant, when cooled, the rice is still delicious, not hard.

According to engineer Ho Quang Cua, ST24 and ST25 rice are equivalent in quality, only a small difference is: If you like to eat soft, choose ST24 rice, and if you like to eat crispy, flexible, choose ST25 rice.

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